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I welcome you to the aromatic, scented world of The SATIN PEARL. I trust that you will enjoy using the products for bathing, coupled by the complementing body flavors and Eau de parfumes of the products for ladies and the bold body scents and colognes for men

For Men

Lotion 8 fl. oz,Shower Gel 4.5 fl. oz, Anti Dandruf Shampoo, SATIN Pearl Lotion For Men, Bold Body Creme For Men, Shower Gel For Men, Shower Bar For Men, SATIN for Men #4, Aftershave Moisturizing Lotion, Body Butter for Men, Test Product, Aftershave, Deodorant, Duo Feet Bath.

For Women

Satin Body Butter, SATIN Shower for Ladies, SATIN Bath Bar 6 oz, Apricot Eau de parfume, SATIN Pillow Eau de parfume, SATIN Pearl Hands, SATIN Pearl Body Scrub, Vanilla-Coffee Lip Scrub, Body Butter for Females, SATIN Feet Trio Soak,Scrub,Creme, SATIN Underarms (aluminum free), SATIN Powder, SATIN Shower.

For Teen

4 Step Facial - Discourages Acne, body spray for the teen female.

Our Products

For Men, For Women, For Youth, For Teen, For Toodlers, Teen Fragrances for Females, Teen Male Lotion Fragrances, Youth Male Scents, For the Younger Males, For New Borns.

Our Clients

The Satin Pearl clients are welcomed to make suggestions and or comments about the products offered for their enjoyment and to add pleasing scents to their days. The Satin Pearl feels importance of the clients to give feed back about the products to enhance their enjoyment of using the products. Thanks for your input.

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Phone No: 504-563-4178

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Location: East New Orleans

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