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SATIN for Men

Handsome glass bottle, 3.4oz

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Satin Pearl

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Satin for Men - A handsome glass bottle housing 3.4oz. of Bold fragrance with different, unique scents categorized by numbers, namely #'s Satin 2, Satin 4, Satin 6, and the scent of Satin 8

Bold Body, masculine blend scents comprise those of the refreshing forest greens of juniper, relaxing scent of sage, and calming agents of ylang ylang, the aphrodisiac properties of musk and the warm earthy and sensual smell of amber just to name a few.

Satin 2  - romatic, refreshing blend with the scent of leather

Satin 4 - aphrodesiac blend with  the scent of sage of light herbal notes

Satin 6 -  Manly, yes...a citrus blend with the woody warm scents

Satin 8 - forest greens, jasmine and the manly touch of musk 

Label Instructions: Layer your scent of the Shower Gel and Lotion for Men with your Bold Body Spray.

 Treat this body spray as perfumes that are flammable near fire and heat. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. If any sensitivity to any product, discontinue use immediately. And if necessary see your physician. Keep away from eyes and eye areas. Keep away from children and pets. External use only.


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