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SATIN Bath Bar 6 oz

The Satin, Glycerin Bath Bar, each 6oz.

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Satin Pearl

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Each 6 oz.  Satin Glycerin Bar is enriched with natural vegetable glycerin, a most effective of the humectants that is clean, refreshed and naturally moisturized. Fragrances are: Strawberry Strategy, Apricot, Seasons, Lavish (embellished flavor as lavender), Tango, (flavors as of citrus), Peachie, Vanilla, Satin Powder, Satin Melon and featuring sensuous Satin Pillow and  Satin De Chocolate. You can have a bouquet of colors and flavours in your bathroom. The lather will be light and sudsy due to a lesser amount of detergents that may dry and/or irritate the skin. It is still luscious.

Featuring non scented sensitivity Satin Pearl bath bars 

Label Instructions: For a smooth emollient lather, wet your body and towel and surround the bath bar with the towel by rubbing the bar in the towel back and forth until you can feel the light, sudsy lather ooze through your fingers.

Avoid contact with eyes and eye areas, keep out of the reach of children and pets. External use only.


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