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Shower Bar For Men

The Satin Shower/Bold, Bath Bar for men

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Satin Pearl

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USD 6.00

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USD 5.00

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USD 1.00

The Satin Shower Bar for men is enriched with natural vegetable glycerin  that cleans, refreshes and naturally add moisture to skin. It is biodegradable.The lather is lighter relative to lesser detergents that may dry the skin. Enjoy the manly accents. Match your 6oz. Bath Bar scent with our Lotion or Men or Bold Body Creme and Bold body spray of 3.4oz..

Label Instructions: For an emollient, bold lather, wet your towel and surround the bath bar with the wet towel by rubbing the bath bar in the towel back and forth until you can feel the forming of the lather between your fingers. Saturate your skin with the lather. Enjoy the relaxing experience. Rinse thoroughly. Dry your skin until damp, and rub your lotion or apply your Bold body cream over the surface of your body. Witness the uniqueness of your choice of body sprays.

Keep perfumes from open flames and heat. Keep away from eyes and eye areas, children and pets. External use only.


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